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It’s been a while. Working on updates to Octave and Octave Forge packaging.

July 6, 2014

These are in my experimental repository:

They’re currently in experimental because I’ve done a bit of refactoring which impacts the Forge package builds, so I need to add everything simultaneously to the distribution.   Folks are free to try them out and give feedback, though.



Wow, didn’t realize I missed posting for so long

September 28, 2013

Time to catch back up.


May 4, 2013

Forgot to do the gfortran bindings when I packaged the newer version.

splines-1.2.0 from Octave Forge

April 28, 2013

Good for Octave-3.6.0 and later.


April 28, 2013

This is my own package for scripts needed to deal with Octave and its subsidiary Octave Forge packages.

Version 0.2.0 introduces a script to allow Octave Forge packages to build with a different gcc4N than was used for Octave.

Version 0.1.x contained the base scripts which are needed to handle builds.


January 23, 2013

AKA udunits2.

splines-1.1.2 from Octave Forge

December 1, 2012

Good for Octave-3.6.0 and later.  I guess I missed posting for 1.1.1.

msh-1.0.6 from Octave Forge

October 26, 2012

For Octave ≠ 3.2.4 .  msh-oct324-1.0.2-3 will be kept around, though.

miscellaneous-1.2.0, combinatorics-2.0.0, and physicalconstants-1.0.0 from Octave Forge

October 23, 2012

For Octave 3.6.0 and later.  The functions from combinatorics and physicalconstants have been subsumed into miscellaneous-1.2.0.

fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.1 from Octave Forge

August 27, 2012

Good for Octave-3.2.4 and later.