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March 30, 2012

I’ve got a pet peeve with reports where people say they have the “latest” version of fink, or Xcode, or etc.

The problem is that of temporal location.  If a new version comes out between the time message is sent and when I read it, then the poster’s “latest” isn’t going to be my “latest”.    And if more than one version comes out (which can happen) then things get downright confusing.


Pet Peeve

March 24, 2011

Recently I’ve been getting replies to postings that go my personal email address from people who want to be unsubscribed from a mailing list.  This annoys me on multiple levels:

  1. The person making such a replay hasn’t bothered checking what the reply behavior of the list is, and therefore makes the unwarranted assumption that the person sending the original message can unsubscribe them.
  2. Most lists/groups have separate addresses for posting and for administration, since non-admin subscribers can’t actually do anything administrative (by definition).

Even though I can unsubscribe people, I don’t like to encourage this behavior.