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arpack-ng-3.1.2 and arpack-ng-3.1.3

April 28, 2013

Unfortunately, the -mpi build of arpack-ng-3.1.3 when using Accelerate.framework fails due to a missing symbol.  We therefore now have the following somewhat complicated versioning:

  • arpack-ng-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-atlas-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-atlas-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-ref-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-ref-3.1.3

along with the respective -shlibs packages.  The -ref variant uses lapack342.



November 10, 2012

In addition to adding the new upstream gnuplot, I’ve changed the names of the variant packages. All can use aquaterm for a native plotting terminal:

  • gnuplot-minimal: Builds only base terminals. Build with the same options as the former gnuplot-nox package.
  • gnuplot: Builds base terminals, as well as the basic X11 terminal. It uses the same options as the former gnuplot-nogtk package.
  • gnuplot-wxcocoa: In addition to the above, includes a wxt terminal built against wxcocoa294.
  • gnuplot-wxgtk: As above, but includes a wxt terminal built against wxgtk2.8.
  • gnuplot-qtmac: Adds a qt terminal built against qt4*-mac to the base gnuplot.
  • gnuplot-qtx11: As above, but with a qt terminal built against qt4*-x11.
  • gnuplot-wxcocoa-qtmac, gnuplot-wxcocoa-qtx11, gnuplot-wxgtk-qtmac, and gnuplot-wxgtk-qtx11: have both the wxt and qt terminals.


July 3, 2012

I haven’t actually used this for anything, but it’s new. 🙂

Upstream builds an app bundle, and for this version I went ahead and made that happen as well as keeping a ‘gmsh‘ executable in %p/bin.


May 23, 2012

This new upstream version actually knows how to --disable-mpi in its build.  We therefore now have the following variants:

  • arpack-ng
  • arpack-ng-mpi
  • arpack-ng-atlas
  • arpack-ng-mpi-atlas

Fixing allowable Octave versions for the quaternion package

April 20, 2012

I had accidentally marked quaternion-2.0.0 as not being for Octave > 3.6.  In fact, it was not for Octave < 3.6.

Spreadsheet converters in io-oct currently not working

April 20, 2012

Sorry about that.

I didn’t realize that these really need the octave forge java package, which I pulled for Octave 3.2.4 and later due to issues with some of its functionality.  I’m going to investigate whether the Excel and Calc converters in io will work if java and an appropriate converter are installed.