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April 28, 2013

Built against SBCL-1.1.5 (sbcl-115-maxima), except on powerpc, which is using SBCL-1.0.58.  This update affects the maxima, xmaxima, and xmaxima-x11 packages.


geometry-1.7.0 from Octave Forge

April 28, 2013

Only for Octave-3.6.0 and later.

arpack-ng-3.1.2 and arpack-ng-3.1.3

April 28, 2013

Unfortunately, the -mpi build of arpack-ng-3.1.3 when using Accelerate.framework fails due to a missing symbol.  We therefore now have the following somewhat complicated versioning:

  • arpack-ng-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-atlas-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-atlas-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-ref-3.1.3
  • arpack-ng-mpi-ref-3.1.3

along with the respective -shlibs packages.  The -ref variant uses lapack342.


April 28, 2013

For all supported OS X.

splines-1.2.0 from Octave Forge

April 28, 2013

Good for Octave-3.6.0 and later.


April 28, 2013

This is my own package for scripts needed to deal with Octave and its subsidiary Octave Forge packages.

Version 0.2.0 introduces a script to allow Octave Forge packages to build with a different gcc4N than was used for Octave.

Version 0.1.x contained the base scripts which are needed to handle builds.


April 28, 2013

This is our wxmaxima-mac package.  (Name is because historically we also built a gtk-based variant.  This seems not to work any more)

Entering a (, ), [, ], {, or } will cause a crash when entered as the first character in an Expression field of any of the dialogs from the menu if “Match parenthesis in text controls” is set.  Using a unary + in front of a ( seems to work, e.g