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sockets-1.0.8 from Octave Forge

June 23, 2012

Good for Octave-3.0.5+.


vrml-1.0.13 from Octave Forge

June 23, 2012

Good for Octave-3.0.5+.  Apparently this package required freewrl all along, but it wasn’t listed in the dependencies on the upstream webpage.  I therefore added an X11 build of that to Fink, as well as updating our liblo to a newer version (liblo7).

optim-1.2.0 from Octave Forge

June 12, 2012

For Octave >= 3.2.4 (and yes, I test-built it on 3.2.4 🙂 ).

io-1.0.19 from Octave Forge

June 10, 2012

For Octave-3.4.3 and later.

xtide-2.13 and libxaw3dxft-1.6.2

June 10, 2012

Unfortunately, xtide-2.13 doesn’t want to build with GCC < 4.4, so it now requires gcc47.  It also uses some nicer graphics widgets from libxaw3dxft, so that’s an additional dependency.

Updated Octave and Octave Forge packages for parallel threaded ATLAS

June 7, 2012

This update affects:

  • arpack-ng
  • qrupdate
  • octave-3.0.5
  • octave-3.2.4
  • octave-3.4.3
  • octave-3.6.0
  • octave-3.6.1
  • octave-3.6.2

as well as the -atlas variants of the following Octave Forge packages:

  • arpack (arpack-atlas-oct305)
  • control
  • linear-algebra
  • nan
  • octgpr
  • odepkg
  • optim
  • optiminterp

geometry-1.5.0 from Octave Forge

June 7, 2012

Only for octave-3.4.3 and later.

control-2.3.51 from Octave-forge

June 4, 2012

For Octave-3.6.0 and later.