I’ve released packages for netCDF-4.2. Since upstream has gone away from a monolithic build–building the C, C++, and Fortran libraries separately–I’ve done the same thing.

The packages that correspond to this release are:

  • netcdf-bin-4.2-1 user programs
  • netcdf-c7-4.2-1 C headers and docs
  • netcdf-c7-shlibs-4.2-1 C library
  • netcdf-cxx4-4.2-1 C++ headers and docs
  • netcdf-cxx4-shlibs-4.2-1 C++ library
  • netcdf-fortran5-4.2-1 Fortran headers and docs
  • netcdf-fortran5-shlibs-4.2-1 Fortran library

2 Responses to “netCDF-4.2”

  1. finkakh Says:

    I’ve also updated the octcdf packages for octave-3.4.3 and later to use netcdf-4.2:

  2. finkakh Says:

    nco-4.0.9-2 also uses the new netCDF

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